Studio White

Masters of bespoke experiences, Studio White hold a rare ability to weave dreams into reality, curating enchanting weddings and glamorous events that defy the imagination. With a dedication to crafting moments that linger in the heart forever, Studio White transforms visions into living, breathing works of art.
Get ready to lose yourself in a world where magic reigns supreme, and every detail whispers of timeless elegance and allure! 

Describe who you are as a company and why you love doing what you do?

We are a bespoke London agency that prides itself on being masters of event artistry. From creative design to large-scale production, we are able to offer a service on a 360-degree spectrum. We produce everything from intimate birthdays to prestigious parties for private clients and luxury brands around the world. 

We love what we do because we get to work with the best people - our clients. We go on the complete journey with them and it’s always so rewarding.
We cherish the diversity of events we get to be part of and each occasion keeps us constantly uplifted and inspired.

What sets you apart from other event planners?

We design iconic parties all over the world, from the elaborate to the intimate. As Founders alone, we have a combined 30 years in the game and work with a super strong team who are all individually talented in their field. We have access to the most reputable people in the world - our little black book is always open! We feel we set trends rather than follow them and our events are driven by style, luxury and elegance - we know what works. We try to breathe life into the impossible,
and our focus never wavers, right down to the devil in every detail. 

How would you advise people when selecting the perfect venue for an event

Finding the right venue is a fine balancing act. We like to gather as much information from as many clients as possible before sharing ideas, as the route we take often depends on the guests' numbers, location, budget, and overall vision for the event! 

If there is a limited budget, we suggest opting for venues with a great infrastructure and décor, and ideally with a minimum spend. Alternatively, a blank canvas, dry hire space is great option for bigger budgets, giving free rein for creativity and design. One thing that often gets forgotten is the guest experience
- we always want to ensure guests can get to and from a venue with ease. Location is a crucial consideration.

What’s been your most memorable event working with us to date?

For one night only, we created an opulent citrus oasis at one of London’s most iconic historic buildings - Spencer House. Witnessing the designs, moods, and illustrations evolve from initial conception to reality was truly outstanding! 

Despite an incredibly tight timeline to set up, our teams rallied together seamlessly, with every detail meticulously attended to, a necessity given the nature of our high-profile client. We beautifully enhanced the venue without overwhelming its elegance, delighting all 350 guests as they arrived. Lucy and her fabulous team are incredibly talented, and we loved collaborating on this special event; we're already planning the next one! 

Hard question but, if you can, what singular project are you working on at the moment that makes you really excited for 2024?

We couldn't possibly say! Far too many to choose from. We are blessed with so many amazing clients this year who are fuelling our innovation and allowing us to do what we do best! We are lucky to be working all over the globe - from London to the US & everything in between - we are so excited for them all.