Raj Tent Club

Get ready to be transported to a world of opulence and luxury with Raj Tent Club! Since their inception in 1997, they've been the go-to destination for exquisite decorative Indian tents. But that's not all - brace yourself for a treasure trove of delights, including a comprehensive range of furniture, lighting, and accessories sourced from around the globe. From majestic tents to stunning decor, Raj Tent Club is your passport to an unforgettable event experience that's nothing short of extraordinary.

Describe who you are as a company and why you love doing what you do?

Raj Tent Club is a tent hire and sales company. Our tents are designed by us and handmade by traditional artisans in Rajasthan, India. We love doing what we do because each project is different, not just in terms of client and location, but also in what we can create that suits each client’s needs and, hopefully, their dreams. To achieve this, we are constantly creating and renewing our offer and that’s fun.

What sets you apart from other marquee companies?

We offer a whole concept of the tent including the interior wall linings, the furniture, the lighting and the flooring. Because we have such a large selection of furniture, cushion covers and decorative items, with styles including Indian, Moroccan and English country garden, each tent is unique, styled specifically for each client.

What are your top tips for choosing the right marquee?

Most important for our clients is to fit the tent to the number of guests expected at the event whether dining, dancing or lounging – if the tent’s too small or too big it won’t work! Equally important is to fit the style of the tent to the style of the event and those hosting it.

What’s been your most memorable event working with us to date?


All the events we have worked on together have been very successful and loved by the clients, so I imagine that is in no part due to the fabulous flowers created by Lucy. Her use of colour and sense of drama is stunning and I hope we have the opportunity of working on many other events together.