Peacock and Bow

Trusted so highly in the team that Lucy didn’t hesitate to dial them up when organising her own wedding a couple of years ago, Peacock and Bow specialise in pole and canvas marquee hire that exudes unmatched elegance. Each tent is a masterpiece, showcasing rare craftsmanship and quality. With a dedicated team committed to bringing your vision to life, Peacock and Bow really look after their clients, provided a 24/7 service second to none.

Describe who you are as a company and why you love doing what you do?

We are Peacock and Bow, a pole and canvas marquee hire company based in Lincolnshire, also serving Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Rutland, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Hertfordshire. We couldn’t be more proud to be a certified provider of the stunning Wills Marquees. The craftsmanship and quality that goes into hand making these beautiful tents is beyond compare and that is one of the reasons we love sprinkling our marquee magic on weddings, special celebrations and corporate events. Myself and the team simply love being part of our client’s big day and we all strive to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for all. We love to kick off the jubilant atmosphere as soon as we arrive to set up the marquee, so there is no stress and the lead up becomes part of the celebration.

What sets you apart from other marquee companies? 

Aside from the quality and beauty of our marquees, which definitely sets us apart, it’s got to be the service we provide. We are there for our clients, 24/7, as a trusted and reliable partner from the moment they reach out to us to the loading up of the last stake. We love collaborating with our clients to bring their visions to life and make the dreams a reality. Literally nothing is too much trouble and we love a challenge.

What are your top tips for choosing the right marquee? 

Choosing the right marquee for you depends on many factors such as the type of event you’re planning, the location, the number of guests and your own personal style. For my own wedding, I knew the PVC look wasn’t for me, I wanted something more authentic and timeless, that’s how Wills Marquees came into my life and the rest is history. The main things to consider are the size and capacity you need and the style of marquee that will match your vision.

What’s been your most memorable event working with us to date? 

We’re still completely and utterly obsessed with the floral chandeliers you created for your own wedding back in June 2022 back in June 2022. The three displays hung from the king poles, with the middle one spanning five metres. You also installed a sculptural floral tornado installation over the dance floor, so the wedding guests had thousands of colourful stems hanging above them wherever they were in the marquee. You filled the blank space of the canopy with beautiful explosions of colour and scent. The look was simply iconic.

Sustainability is a core part of what we do at LVF, as industry leaders, what do Peacock and Bow do to help minimise your eco impact?

At Peacock and Bow, we're highly committed to pushing eco-friendly practices in the world of luxury marquee weddings and events. It’s our mission to help couples host a sustainable marquee wedding without compromising on style. Our Marquees are the natural choice when it comes to hiring an environmentally friendly event space. They capitalise on natural light and let the breeze roll in, reducing the need for artificial lighting and climate control systems. They can also be designed to make use of renewable energy sources, integrate eco-friendly materials and cut down on waste during events.

We partner with Wills Marquees, who craft our pole and canvas marquees using canvas, from British Millerain, which is made from natural fibres and is biodegradable, renewable and much better for the environment than synthetic canvas. All British Millerain cotton comes from Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) approved suppliers. BCI helps farmers practise sustainable farming, making workplaces fairer, keeping soil healthy, saving water and ditching harmful pesticides. The beautiful wooden poles that hold up our stunning canopies are made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood, which means it comes from responsibly managed forests and supports sustainable forestry practices and biodiversity conservation.

Marquees make it possible to integrate renewable energy sources, such as solar panels and wind turbines to power wedding festivities. Solar panels can be set up out of sight and are connected to power storage units, which are perfectly reliable, even in the unpredictable British weather. Couples can also choose generators that use HVO fuel, an ultra low emission, fossil fuel free, renewable alternative to diesel, made from recycled vegetable fats.

Lastly, what trends have you got you're eye on this year? Anything in particular we should keep and eye out for?

We can’t get enough of the opulence and luxury of the 'set design trend'. Many couples want their special day to be a production, a spectacle full of awe and wonder, an experience like no other. To that end, wedding suppliers are working together to bring drama, impact and innovation that goes beyond centrepieces, bouquets and buttonholes.  

This is a trend that fits perfectly with our pole and canvas marquees, which offer couples the space and neutral backdrop to fill with their vision and immerse your guests in a dazzling new experience. We can’t wait to see stunning aerial designs that will stop couples and guests in their tracks.