Similar to LVF, Lylie is a female-run company dedicated to making sustainable jewellery since 2017. Their ethos, "Not Fast, Forever," is embodied in each piece, crafted from gold salvaged through their Gold Exchange and combined with recycled antique and lab-grown diamonds. Lylie’s jewellery, made from high-quality recycled and antique materials, offers Bond Street quality and style while being 100% ethical and circular, something we love!

Lylie’s designs, inspired by the beauty of nature and created to preserve it, often feature circular details like their signature ball detailing, symbolising the circular process of their creation. The brand's founder, Eliza Walter, believes in the deep connection between a jewellery piece and its source, stating, “The beauty of a jewellery piece cannot be extracted from its source.” We love Lylie, they actually designed the most stunning bespoke Daisy ring for Lucy to celebrate the birth of Lucy's first child, showcasing their exceptional craftsmanship and personal touch. We had the pleasure of speaking with Eliza and the team to gain her insights and advice on selecting the perfect jewellery. Let's dive into the conversation and discover her best tips for choosing pieces that are not only beautiful but also deeply meaningful.

How would you best describe the company’s style, and why you love doing what you do?

 Our hallmark is classic in style with a sustainable edge and we specialise in making engagement rings. Our designs are inspired by the beauty of nature and created to preserve it. Look out for our signature ball detailing, which resembles the shape of the earth. 


What sets you apart from other jewellers?

We are a female-run company making jewellery that is 100% circular and ethical, of Bond Street quality. We use recycled-antique or lab grown diamonds exclusively. 

What really sets us apart is our Gold Exchange which allows our customers to recycle any unwanted gold, silver or platinum jewellery and receive brand credit (7.5% above scrap prices) to be used on something they really covet. We have amazing reusable postal pouches that we sent out to collect it and customers love knowing that all our collection pieces are made from recycled gold and platinum, collected in this circular way. 


What are your top tips for choosing the perfect engagement and wedding rings?

There are two tips I share with our LYLIE brides:

  1. Choose something timeless, and what goes better with everything than diamonds?! Think of the centre stone as a piece of art and the ring as the frame. You can be bold and do something different and unique, but it is important that the ring design reflects the stones quality.  In a similar vein, opting for a neutral frame means the painting suits any room. White metal or mixed metals (white and yellow) tend to match everything, so we suggest either for those seeking something chic and timeless.
  2. Information is everything - The best place to start when it comes to ethical diamonds is understanding the four C’s (cut, colour, carat and clarity) and how they contribute to any diamond's value. Our in-house diamond expert will help you along with information and guidance.  


Share one design/project that you’re working on at the moment that makes you really excited for 2024.

Transforming cherished old jewellery into new designs is something I have done since the business launched in 2017. My feeling is that jewellery is special because of the sentiment and memories it holds and if you start with old ingredients then the sentiment is already there. We are currently building a remodelling design library, so clients who have heirloom pieces they want to redesign have a starting point to think about possible designs and prices from. I’ve not seen anything like it and think it will make the remodelling process a lot easier.