inGenius Productions

We’ve been privileged enough to work with inGenius productions on a number of occasions now, and each time we are blown away by what they are able to pull off. 

From their cutting-edge workshops, where they are seemingly able to imagine and create anything under the sun (and then some), to their technical wonderlands, they're the masterminds behind some of the most spectacular events worldwide. In their world, every day is an adventure filled with new ideas and thrilling surprises - because when it comes to event production, they don't just think outside the box, they redefine it! 

Describe who you are as a company and why you love doing what you do?

We are a production design team with our own workshops and technical warehouses. We have boundless enthusiasm for finding creative solutions to the infinite challenges of event production. No two days are ever the same in our world - and we will never run out of original ideas. We have such a fantastic blend of staff in our family here with experience as well as youthful energy.

What sets you apart from other production companies?

The sheer variety of the work we do. We deliver everything from amazing weddings in glamorous locations all over the world, to luxury brand events, eye-catching seasonal building facades as well as film and television work.

What are your top tips for choosing the right lighting?

Understated elegance will never go out of fashion, the lighting should allow the dressing and floral design to shine without overpowering it by adding Disney colours. This goes hand in hand with candle light, which is of course the most flattering light - we can never have enough candles! We also love to contrast this romantic look with a club reveal, or hidden technical equipment that allows us to transform a space with intelligent lighting, video panels for walls and floors, as well as mirrors and LED accents.

At LVF we are passionate about sustainability. Our industry is not renowned for this, for the climate conscious party thrower, what are some of the most forward thinking and innovative solutions to keep your waste low?

We try to create items for repeat use, using sustainable or reclaimed materials. This all starts with responsible design and guiding our clients in the right direction.

What’s been your most memorable event working with us to date?

Definitely the most beautiful country wedding in Cambridge! A wonderful traditional Sperry tent housing an eclectic table layout with pastel linens, dressed marquee poles, filament festoons and a separate club reveal mixed with modern lighting and country trellis.

Share one design/project that you’re working on at the moment that makes you really excited for 2024.

Too many to mention and we need to remain discreet at the moment - but we will be working in four countries already. We look forward to another lovely country wedding with Lucy and the team soon!