Doggart & Squash

Indulge in a culinary journey with Doggart & Squash, the brainchild of Clare Doggart and Sarah Haggie, who are fervent advocates for delectable cuisine. Renowned for their ability to curate bespoke menus tailored to any occasion, be it a lavish wedding, a chic soirée, or a corporate gathering, they're the epitome of A-list catering. And, just like us with our flowers, Doggart and Squash always champion seasonal menus (because, like us, they genuinely believe them to be the most delicious). Here, they offer insights into their unique style, inspirations, and a glimpse into their top-notch cooking techniques.

Describe who you are as a company and why you love doing what you do?   

Doggart and Squash was born from a passion for planning as well as seasonal and locally sourced food. We work with both private and corporate clients to expertly tailor their menus and events, bringing their ideas to life and working with high-quality suppliers alongside our passionate and knowledgeable team. 

Our love for the industry we are in helps us to bring together beautiful and individually crafted events, weddings and parties with a hands-on and committed approach by our wonderful team. 


What sets you apart from other catering companies? 

 From the moment you start to think about your wedding, Doggart & Squash will be involved and can help you from start to finish with both the food side of things and the planning. We know how much planning goes into making your wedding run smoothly and we offer a range of services. All our weddings include a Wedding Coordinator, who will manage all suppliers on the day, answer any questions from guests and most importantly make sure you are happy! We will ensure that the day runs smoothly so you can focus on enjoying your day. 


What are your top tips for choosing the best menu for an event? 


Seasonality is key, the best flavours are the ones that are in season and so all our menus are built around this. Our biggest piece of advice is to pick what you love - your guests will be happy to be there no matter what's on the menu! We love input from clients and when they come in for tastings our chefs are more than happy to sit down and draw up new ideas as we think it is so fun when each menu is slightly different and has a personal touch – if there's a country or restaurant you’ve visited and you want us to help recreate that dish for your event, we’ll give it our very best go! 

One of our favourite menu choices is to pair an espresso martini shot with your pudding – gets everyone out of their seats and dancing!  


What would you suggest as three top tips for a good event? 

  1. Space out the speeches -  Allow your audience to relax in between each speech. Having three speeches in a row can be a touch excessive. You can maintain the momentum and make sure that everyone is interested and involved by spreading them out. 
  2. Your wedding or event is your canvas, so feel free to paint it the way you want. If cake-cutting and first dances aren't your thing, there's no need to include them. It's all about creating a celebration that reflects your personality and style. 
  3. Late night food is a must! Extend the dancing with a selection of late-night bites! For those who are still grooving on the dance floor into the wee hours it is necessary to keep their energy up. Their heads will also thank you the next day!  


Equally what are 3 common pitfalls to avoid? 

  1. Trying to please everyone - It's only normal to want your event to be flawless, but it may be stressful and unfeasible to try to meet everyone's tastes and expectations. Prioritise the things that are most important to you and your partner, and don't be scared to make choices that are consistent with your own values and style.  


  1. Not having enough food - No one likes to leave feeling hungry so we like to make sure all guests are well fed. After all, a well-fed guest is a happy guest, and we want everyone to enjoy themselves without worrying about their stomachs rumbling!"   


  1. It's crucial not to procrastinate when it comes to planning your event. Waiting until the last minute could mean missing out on securing your preferred florist or band. Reach out to us sooner rather than later, and we'll work together to ensure everything is arranged smoothly and to your liking. Let's get ahead of the game and make your event unforgettable! 


Are there any trends you foresee being popular in the next year? And what are you particularly inspired by at the moment? 

More and more we are noticing a change in direction away from the incredibly formal weddings.  Open fire cooking, big sharing platters and live canape stations are all things people are introducing to break away from the traditional wedding/event. Throwing a big party with people you love around you is far more important than sticking to traditions that aren’t important to you. 


Are there any projects you've got on the books coming up or that you've recently done that you are really excited by? 

This spring we hosted a Doggart & Squash supper club. It was a chance to showcase the best of what we do and love. We welcomed fellow suppliers and other industry specialists for a chance to connect over a delicious lunch, with a menu built around the most seasonal spring vegetables. This would not have been possible without the amazing food suppliers we work with all year round; Natoora, Rushton's, Direct Meats Ltd, James Knight Of Mayfair Ltd. 

Our team absolutely loved hosting so many friendly faces and showing off the best of Doggart & Squash. We are all so looking forward to the next one. All our weddings and events are exciting to us and we love that every client and therefore event is different and exciting!