Lettice Events

Prepare to be dazzled by Lettice Events -  no not the leaf. Lettice Events are trailblazers of event excellence! With a heart as big as their commitment to the planet, they've earned their stripes as a certified B Corp company, dedicated to crafting events that leave a positive footprint on the world. But wait, there's more! Lettice doesn't just serve food; they create culinary masterpieces that rival the finest restaurants, elevating every occasion to a symphony of taste and elegance. Whether it's an intimate wedding or a sprawling corporate affair, they're obsessed with making your event unforgettable. The pinnacle of luxury, sustainability, and flavour can be found with Lettice - where every moment is a feast for the senses. We asked them for their tricks of the trade, here’s what they said. 

Describe who you are as a company and why you love doing what you do?

Lettice is built on our love of people and great hospitality. Our team is passionate about creating unforgettable moments paired with delicious food. From intimate weddings to large corporate activations, our team is event obsessed! 

What sets you apart from other catering companies?

We are the UK’s leading sustainable catering company, blending elegant luxury with exquisite restaurant-standard food. We are a certified B Corp company, committed to creative events that are good for the planet. We are carbon neutral and we are dedicated to growing and developing our brand of conscious catering over the coming years. 


What are your top tips for choosing the right menu?

 We love when clients come to us and try to think about all of their friends or family instead of themselves!  We always encourage them to choose exactly what they want to eat! This is exactly the same when foodie clients come to us having just been blown away by a dish at their favourite restaurant, we love recreating these memories for clients, adding those truly personal touches.


What’s been your most memorable event working with us to date?

We love a summer wedding and Louisa & Will were the loveliest couple to work with. Set in the gorgeous Chelsea Physic Garden, we created bespoke menus, tequila cocktails and espresso martini shots. Theirs was such a fun wedding and we wish we could do it all again! 


Share one project that you’re working on at the moment that makes you really excited for 2024.

 We are so lucky to be an accredited supplier at the Royal Academy and we love catering parties there during the Summer Exhibition. The incredible artwork, the amazing creativity in every room is the perfect backdrop to host a party. We can’t wait to be back there soon with some of our favourite clients!