Katie Julia

Katie Julia's photography philosophy centers on preserving the natural beauty that exists in the world, avoiding the temptation to alter reality for the sake of perfection. Her images reject the overly polished look of artificially lit shoots, instead embracing a painterly glow and ethereal quality. Utilizing luminous, natural light and neutral, complementary tones, Katie captures authentic, unposed moments where true magic unfolds.

Katie’s work transcends labels and artistic boundaries, driven by a desire to create something inspired by honesty, nature, womanhood, and the profound transformations they undergo. This approach results in photographs that feel both intimate and timeless, reflecting the genuine beauty of her subjects and their environments.

How would you best describe your style?  

Wedding and event photography, to me, is an art. Especially when paired with exceptional events and beautiful locations. A planner once described my work as 'Soft Vogue' which I think is quite accurate! 

My clients are drawn to images where the tone is so beautiful and when the light hits the skin perfectly. I adore gorgeous depth and seeing the dew on skin, on a softly captured expression with a flattering softness on the features. I am inspired by old school photographers such as Slim Aarons and photos of the high society parties of the 1950's/60's in amazing locations, all shot on film. My grandad was a film photographer so film has always been a great passion of mine. I  am primarily concerned with creating imagery that is truly timeless and flattering, exploring a brightness and a mood, rather than boxing myself into one 'look'. I like to think I bring a little touch of class to the events I photograph in the final gallery but balanced also by fashion and atmosphere. It is about the whole collection making sense and having continuity throughout, and adapting to the commission in hand. Movement is always enchanting to me, and I am drawn to images which are perfectly undone, atmospheric, organic, with balance, so soft and incredibly flattering on the facial features.

I always aim to ensure my images are balanced, capturing real genuine moments and as true to tone as possible. I stay well away from any over processing, anything too overexposed, or forced, and I like to keep the skin tones as true and pure, but with a slight painterly elevation. I’ve always been an advocate for clean, fresh, timeless images but with a fashion edge. I adore film photography for its softness but I also love the more deep tones next to the more muted, light-filled aesthetic. I think colour shouldn’t be washed out, nor should the greens look grey.
Anything that has the potential to date, isn't of interest to me, which is why I keep things as timeless and true as possible, so that they outlive us the way that the designs of Dior have outlived their creator. My couples are discerning individuals who appreciate outstanding design; the epitome of class, focused on the detail, brave in their design choices and sense of style, and most of all, true to who they are as a couple. 

What sets you apart from other photographers? 

I consider myself an artist first, not a wedding photographer. I guess my clients are commissioning me in a different way, for something different. I'm extremely OCD with my eye, and would say my strength is consistency. It's more about making art for them and the difference in that? Well, it's in the quality of the full galleries presented, the passion for the work that I have, capturing the detail as if it's art, the layering and threading this through editorial guest photos and natural moments. It's all about balance, and I would say I'm very thorough as a photographer! My couples always receive a plentiful gallery that has been organised to look as gorgeous as possible on presentation. I am also a mentor and I am currently mentoring 15 creatives in the industry with sessions once a month. I think my insight into teaching and looking at the details makes me very detail-oriented in my delivery of the galleries. Me and my production team spend a lot of time getting it just right. I want my clients to open their gallery and go WOW. I want to make their heart jump a beat. I always knew I couldn't actually work in less detail or with less care so that's why I always knew that the ultra luxury weddings were for me. I work with other people who have a very similar eye as me, and notice those special key details, and it matters to them so very much! 

What would you say are the most key factors in capturing the perfect image? 

Ask yourself ‘what story are you telling here?’, be brave and bold with your camera, and learn the rules to break them. To study colour, exposure and knowing your camera like the back of your hand, whilst understanding that your ability to react quickly is super important. What is in the photo is just as important as how you take it. Understanding how colour will translate in different lighting situations, and how skin tone shows up in various lights. This really just takes years of honing, and always looking at your work and critiquing it. Mostly I think it's about finding the light and the story and the colour! The camera is just a tool - but understanding it is so key. 

What’s been your most memorable event to work on to date? 

I've had a few! Pixie Lott's wedding was memorable because of the cathedral venue and the music. It kept the day alive with dancing and great vibes! I also loved a wedding I did recently, which was like a film set in Mexico, and Mark Ronson played, very cool! I have to say though, that I probably would put Provence up there as my favourite. I shot a wedding in Provence for a family from Monaco and the guests were dressed phenomenally, and it really made the most gorgeous guest photos! I love all the weddings I shoot; these are just three of many!

Share one project that you’re working on at the moment that makes you really excited for 2024. 

I have a few very cool locations this year, and I’m working on new branding so I’m also excited to be paying attention to this! I’m especially excited about shooting a wedding in Bermuda this year too, a really aligned wedding!