Clementina Sketchbook

Founded by the visionary Clementina, this brand is a fusion of her two greatest passions: exploring the world and painting. But Clementina is not just an artist - she's a trailblazer who not only crafts bespoke designs for individual clients but also spearheads the brand itself. From stunning watercolour masterpieces to thoughtfully curated paper products, each creation is a testament to Clementina's boundless imagination and impeccable taste. Get ready to immerse yourself in a realm of elegance and originality as Clementina Sketchbook brings your dreams to life in vibrant colour and exquisite detail.
We had the pleasure of chatting with Clementina for her invaluable insights; here's what she had to say.

How would you best describe your style?

Precise, colourful, fantastical, nature inspired, sophisticated.

What makes your illustrations stand out?

The precision of my watercolours, the dreamlike atmosphere they create, our Semi-Bespoke service to create one’s fully personalised design with a short turn around, my own experiences around the world that allow me to tune in with different cultures and habits of my clients.

What are your top tips for creating the perfect event stationery?

Personally, I find that the most beautiful and elegant event stationery suites stick to a single theme and a minimal colour palette. It makes everything classically beautiful but with a very personal spin (even better if a humorous one!). And of course, high-quality, textured paper elevates the final product, ensuring a luxurious feel.

Do you have any very exciting projects in the pipeline that you are looking forward to sharing?

I am working on an illustrated healthy recipe book for children and their parents. It’s a collaboration with an incredible influencer who has the sweetest three little girls with whom she cooks all the time. Their teddy bear will be the main protagonist, bringing a unique and engaging narrative to the recipes.