Original Marquees

An embodiment of British craftsmanship and excellence in each event design they create, Original Marquees are a company who thrive on the art of meticulous planning. Their dedication to excellence is evident in every detail, ensuring that each event they touch exceeds all expectations.

What truly sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability. Partnering with British Millerain, renowned for manufacturing brands like Barbour and Belstaff, they use only the finest materials sourced from Better Cotton Initiative approved suppliers. Each marquee is a masterpiece, handcrafted in Yorkshire with over 1600 hours of skilled labour. They truly go beyond mere marquee hire to offer an immersive experience for every client.

Original Marquees is run by Alex & Harry, supported by a team of fellow perfectionists. We managed to sit down with Harry, Creative & Southern director. Here's what he said!

Describe who you are as a company and why you love doing what you do?


We thrive on planning, and love being part of the process, from start to finish. Working through concepts, plans, multiple meetings, visits, and calls – to ensure only the very best for our clients and their guests. Being Original & working with suppliers, pushing boundaries, to bring collective expertise to the front. We love working as a team. Every step is important to us, from the first call, through to the day we leave the site – we are constantly updating and improving. 


What sets you apart from other marquee companies?


Our canvas is manufactured by British Millerain (think Barbour and Belstaff), all their cotton is sourced from Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) approved suppliers. The Canvas is then brought to life in Yorkshire by Wills Marquees through the culmination of 1600 hours of hand tooling and the pursuit of perfection in tent making. From there, we are part of an exclusive network of suppliers, delivering the most beautiful marquees available throughout the UK.


We offer full-time office support, allowing plans to evolve and changes to be made. We intentionally limit our capacity each weekend to ensure 1-2-1 service throughout – we want to be more than just ‘marquee hire’.


What are your top tips for choosing the right marquee?


Throughout the planning, map your day / event out, and concentrate on the flow of your guests. Know who goes where, when, and for what – this will ensure your marquee is the correct size. Pick a marquee or supplier that can work to two plans, and have the ability to adapt at the last minute. This might mean a second, or third structure is required for part of the day.. 

As leaders in your area, no doubt you have your finger on the pulse of this year's trends. What do you foresee being popular in 2024? 

Continuing from last year I think we will see lots of aerial installations in marquees with an abundance of greenery and rattan shades. Rattan in general seems to be popular and I think we will see this in more furniture and bar design.

I think last year we started to see lots of new designs for patterned tablecloths and we think that will continue with an abundance of colour through interior designs.

What would you, personally, like to see more of? Do you have that one idea that you are eager for a client to request?

I'm particularly passionate about crafting custom bar designs, creating captivating back bars, and designing mesmerising stage backdrops. It's those unique, standout features that I'm yearning for clients to envision and request.

What do you think are the 3 essential foundations to great events, especially weddings?

  1. Thorough planning by a dedicated wedding planner, ensuring every detail is meticulously arranged.
  2. A cohesive team of experienced suppliers who have a history of successful collaboration.
  3. The inclusion of a "Wow Factor" element, incorporating creative design that leaves a lasting impression on guests.

Equally, what are some common and often overlooked pitfalls to avoid?

  1. Having the wrong size space for the number of guests / layout 
  2. Running out of drinks 
  3. Not having a Plan B for wet weather 

What’s been your most memorable event working with us to date?

Bethany & Jack’s Wedding at Sudeley Castle with ByChenai Events. A beautiful marquee wedding on the lawn of Sudeley Castle surrounded by 15th century ruins and stunning views of the Cotswold Hills. The photos do the talking!

Share one design/project that you’re working on at the moment that makes you really excited for 2024.

This wouldn’t be fair! It’s all a secret until the guests arrive! We’re super excited to start building in the Spring, with many great events booked in. However, the Wills group are launching a new tent –  18m wide and up to 54m long – this certainly will be a showstopper for bigger events and for those looking for something different!